BIGGBY Photo Contest Rules

Let's travel the world together!

Over the years we have traveled to some exotic places with the members of our BIGGBY COFFEE community. We have gone to Tiananmen Square and 50 feet below sea level.

We love the adventure and want to encourage you to take us to your wildest places. We promise not to be "that" person sitting next to you in couch with bad breath and the not so interesting story they need to tell you all about. Please submit a picture of you and your BIGGBY cup on your latest adventure. Our "expert" judges will then choose a photo winner each month. The WINNER will receive free coffee for 30 days. What can be more exciting than that? We'll tell you! One photo contest winner per year will receive free coffee for a year. The WINNER will be voted on by the B Happy Lounge Committee.

Photo Contest Rules:

  1. Only photos that include a BIGGBY COFFEE cup will be eligible for this contest.
  2. Submit no pictures that are more mature than PG-13. If you submit anything that make our "expert" judges blush, then we won't like you anymore. Please keep the captions clean!
  3. To be included for a given month, the deadline for submitting pictures is 8 a.m. the first day of the following month. For example, if you want to be considered for June's contest, we must have your picture by 8 a.m. July 1st. If received after that time, it will be considered for the following month.
  4. You can submit as many entries as you woold like.
    1. Bribery is fully acceptable and expected.
  5. Winner of monthly contest will receive a $100 gift card. Winner of the yearly contest will receive a $1,000 gift card.
    1. We will choose each winner by the end of the following month and you will be notified.

By submitting your picture to the "B" Happy Lounge you are transferring all rights of ownership and therefore usage to management at BIGGBY COFFEE and it's parent company, Global Orange Development LLC (BIGGBY COFFEE). We promise not to photo shop a monkey making faces into your picture. Well unless it looks really funny and the laughter to embarrassment ratio is heavily weighted on laughter's side. Also, by submitting your picture you are granting BIGGBY COFFEE the rights to use the image for the purpose of marketing the BIGGBY COFFEE brand. We will unabashedly tell anyone who will listen that you love us and our coffee so that they will come in to one of our stores and buy coffee too. If we are able to make you super famous all we ask is you gratuitously plug us at every opportunity and wear our hat as you do the circuit of talk shows and reality TV. By submitting your picture and helping make the BIGGBY brand super cool we thank you from the bottom of our coffee cup!!

We can't wait to see where we will go together, we promise we travel light.

Bon Voyage!